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The Packard Institute

We do not—repeat, do not—have "programs" as such. We offer an individualized approach for your recovery management needs. We don’t even like the word "program." You are a human being.

We have a wide-ranging menu of recovery support services, and we work closely any number of amazing treatment and recovery providers to best fit our folk's needs - wherever they are on their pathway.


We are a family owned and operated T-shirt shop with a love for handmade t-shirts and apparel. Each shirt is hand made the old fashioned way with silk screening on a manual shirt press! Click Here to view the screen printing process!

Our motto here at TeeShopz is Made by Man Not Machine! With every shirt we print we put our blood, sweat and tears into the quality and look of every shirt. With manual printing we can catch misprints and offer a higher quality assurance! Every shirt is loaded, printed, and folded by hand. Really is the American dream!